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Klipsch R6 On Headphones
Klipsch R6 On Headphones

Klipsch R6 On Headphones


We created the comfortable, lightweight R6 on-ear headphones to provide listeners a relaxing yet superior listening experience at an obtainable price. Klipsch feels that everyone deserve the best acoustics available - and that's why we are The Keepers of the Sound.

Light and comfortable

A simple design that won’t be noticeable after hours of wear, R6i on-ear comfortable sits on your ears and folds flat for travel.

Dynamic moving coil

Klipsch’s custom, full-range KG-150 dynamic moving coil speaker delivers a warm and authentic sound.

General specifications:
  • Ultra comfortable
  • Extremely lightweight
  • High-density memory foam ear cups
  • Adjustable leather headband
  • Carrying case
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Klipsch R6 On Headphones
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